My son is at my brother-and-sister-in-laws' house this week looking after their wee ones as their childcare is on summer vacation. My husband and I decided to do a 'while you were out' in his bedroom and give it a teenage 'overhaul' as he turns 13 next week. My son is a provincial champ in wrestling and holds a lot of medals for jiu jitsu as well. He is a huge fight fan, so we have chosen to use that as our theme. He needed art work in his room and I had contemplated murals (I love doing murals) but when you move, the murals stay (this has happened to us before and my other son was devastated to leave his knight's castle behind) so I decided to do a large painting on canvas (around 2.5x3') so that he can take it with him when and if we move again.

I'm not exactly one for portraiture. It's not my strength as I paint better what's in my imagination than what I see in front of me, but I'm kind of happy with how this turned out. I know it's not Georges St. Pierre's perfect likeness, but I think I didn't do a terrible job lol

I will post pics of the befores and afters of his bedroom when I'm done!

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Madame One Tree said...

I don't know which post I am responding to, but I love what you have done. I like the little rabbit "possible". Love the paintings. Glad to see you again.