Introducing Minikins

My lovely sister-in-law's birthday is coming up next week and I wanted to make her something special. She's one of those people who is ALWAYS thinking of others. She would give you the shirt off her back. She's a very kind person and I wanted her to know that so I made a TINY little version of her family. I've called these little creatures 'Minikins'. Ranging from Daddy to Baby, these little guys all have their initials on their bellies and a little word on their bums. I will pop them in the mail as soon as they're fully dry :)

And then I made a tiny little Minikin bunny/human hybrid named Jack who is there to remind you that in life, ANYTHING is possible if you just believe.
And here's a possible of the gang together. I had so much fun creating these little guys.
Hope you had fun looking!

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Alexz said...

Oh goodness, I want one! So cute!

Deedra said...

Thanks Darlin'!

Deedra said...

Thanks Darlin'!

erin said...

Love them!

lostsentiments said...

LOVE them! :D Their expressions are incredibly endearing :) Nicely done! :D