Hospital gown for my niece in ICU

My niece got in a tragic car accident last week. We were inches away from losing her. She'll be in the hospital for months for rehabilitation and what not. I made her this hospital gown because she would hate to be seen in those hospital-issued ones. I couldn't find any patterns online that I liked, so I reconstructed this from a man's dress shirt. I cut the sleeves to a desired length, cut off the button hole and button band, and used the back for the front by cutting a V for the v neck. I made some bias tape and concealed the sleeve and collar edges. I lengthened it by cutting straight across the bottom and adding panels of cool fabric, and made some lamé bias tape for the bottom. I widened it by adding panels to the back and adding ribbon for tying, and also, between the two panels are 6 velcro tabs to keep her little behind well-hidden.

Please pray for the speedy recovery of my niece. She's a beautiful soul with such a promising future, and the road ahead of her will be full of obstacles.

** If anyone would like to use my pattern for a gift or charity, please feel free. I only ask that this pattern not be used for profit**

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