Hello bloggers! I have a challenge for you! You see, I love Shelf Elves. Just love them to pieces! But I want to make one that is unique and original, just like my family. And I was thinking that maybe others may be inclined to do the same! Here are the details! Please join!!

Handmade Elf on the Shelf challenge! Come one come all!

So I looove the idea of the Shelf Elf. It inspires creativity and wonder. What I don't really like is the price point and the fact that he is kind of generic. I think that it w
ould be so much fun for us all to create our own unique Shelf Elf. 

On to details:

In terms of supplies, it's an ANYTHING GOES type deal. Knit, crochet, sew, sculpt...whatever inspires you! 

Deadline is November 20th at 8 pm EST. Everyone must post pics of their elves on Deedra's Art's wall at that time or before.

On November 21st, I will post a poll for voting. Polls will close by November 25th at 8 pm EST.

The winner will win one of my little Christmas bulb head ornaments, an original 8x10 holiday-inspired painting made and signed by me and some holiday treats. I will post pics of the prize pack later!

Please visit here: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Deedras-Art/257639572940 and join in on the fun!!

Here's the first entry for the challenge! Isn't she beautiful? 

Made by the amazingly talented doll maker, Paulette April 

Kingsbury-Quimby Burton!

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