Left-Over Easter Chocolate anyone?

Ok, so what do you do when you have too much of this...

...and this lying around?

Why...you make THIS of course! At least that's what I did today! I just coarsely chopped a whole mound of white and milk chocolate and put it in my favourite cookie recipe...and I'm pretty sure they're decadent-tasting (although I don't know first-hand because I don't dare touch them!)!

But anyhow, I think I'll probably just bake up lots of batches of muffins and cookies and chocolate chip zucchini bread and freeze some for later!

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Beadwright said...

Ohhhh I am coming to your house. I am craving something sweet.


Deedra said...

Oh please do! I'll put on a pot of tea!

Anonymous said...

you should really leave the recipe when you put a picture that good