Delilah the Wood Nymph

I found this little nymph shivering at my back door this morning. When I slid it open, she scurried around the corner and hid. I coaxed her out gently and told her that I meant her no harm. After about an hour of building trust, she slowly made her way toward me. I put my hand out and she climbed on, very cautiously. I brought her in the house and sat her on the biggest greenest leaf my plant had to offer. She smiled, and said thank you. I made her some tea and served it to her in one of my daughter's Barbie tea cups. She sipped slowly, drinking in the warmth, and soon fell asleep. I placed a tiny blanket on her and let her dream in peace.

When I came back an hour later, I found my plant bursting with flowers in all the colours of the rainbow. The little fairy looked up, reached out her hand and said, 'Pleased to meet you. I'm Delilah'.

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Sherry Edwards said...

So sweet, beautiful nymph and story. Thanks for the smile :)

Diane said...

She's so sweet!!

Maria Isabel said...

I love that sweet nymph! I wish one would pop up among my flowers!

Anonymous said...


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