8 track art!

So...something new! I've started tweeting today!! I wanted to try something new yesterday and figured this was just the perfect thing to do! I think it's going to be fun! So please follow me on my artistic journey! The twitter widget is in my side panel :)

I have this thing. I love buying old things. I love to pick them up and feel the history they possess. I wonder who used to own them and I wonder where they've traveled from. Then, after I've imagined all there is to imagine, I take them and make them into something new and wonderful (at least to me!). This is what I've done with this glorious little 8 track from who knows where and who knows when. I love 8-track art because it stands on its own and is perfect for being a shelf-sitter, and some of them have a little hole on either corner at the back...perfect for hanging. I buy them up by the dozens for normally twenty five cents each. The paper in the background is from a vintage book I found at an Estate Sale in Australia!

This little lovely is called A Message from Flo. Full of mixed media goodness and antiquity!

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AlwaysInspired said...

Wonderful! I have fond memories of 8 tracks too. What a great way to make them better!

Maria Isabel said...

I love it, too bad I can never get a hold of those famous 8 tracks. My dad has some but he would not let me near them, he knows my tendency to "beautify" things!

Diane said...


Deedra said...

Thanks everyone!!!

Cameron said...

How cool! I love the shading of Flo's face...the deliberate placement of color...

This is great, Deedra :)

Martina said...

Love this Deedra! Thanks for visiting me - so nice to be in toch again! Hugs for a lovely week!