Ruffles Galore!

When I was little, all I wanted was a Cinderella dress. I dreamed about it all day long. My little fingers and toes were crossed for two weeks straight, hoping that, on my birthday, a beautiful rectangular box would be placed before me. I would tug on the shiny ribbon wrapped around the box and it would slide gently away (perhaps if I was lucky, some little blue birds would swoop in and grab the ends in their tiny little beaks and chirp as they pulled the ribbon open). I would gingerly lift the lid off of this box to find some crisp white tissue paper folded perfectly, concealing the most magical dress I would ever lay my eyes on.

Well, that never happened. I mean, my step-mom tried her best to find me that perfect baby blue dress with loads of crinoline to make it flounce out, just so, but I don't think the technology was around just yet. It was, after all, only 1982. I was happy with the dress I got, nevertheless.

Now that I have a little girl, I'm always trying to recreate those moments and items that every little girl dreams of. I love making toys, hair accessories, and special, one of a kind clothing. I found this beautiful shop on etsy named lilygiggle who sells the most imaginative, whimsical clothing patterns for little girls. I couldn't resist. I bought a three pack of patterns, and here's the first item I made. Ruffle pants. Because what little girl doesn't like ruffles?

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NatashaMay said...

Your girls looks so cute. :) I always wanted a tutu but never happend either. :)

Ayana said...

Awww, I totally understand the NEED to create for your little girl. Sadly, I made almost nothing for my son - but now that I am pregnant with a girl - I cannot thing of anything else but making stuff for her.

Those leggings are adorable.