Been a busy little bee!

I've been busy creating, and thus, haven't popped in here much! But anyhow, here are some pics of some of my recent creations. There's another one that is ALMOST done...just needs sanding, painting, and varnishing! Yay! I'll post pics of that one later, though. As for these two, they're merely decorations for my home! They'll be going in my living room which is a deep, rich chocolate brown, so I like to accent it with that pretty blue.


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Emily Anne Leyland ( Art-n-Sewl) said...

oooh- me likey the new stuff. Seriously. Beautiful! Our colors are kinda the same on the pretty orange flowers. Go look at my etsy poppies. Ha- we are soooo alike ;)

Deedra said...

Well, that's because your poppies were the inspiration behind this! lol I just wanted mine to look more like dandelions...did they? lol You inspire me, lady :)

randa said...

Those blue paintings is EXACTLY what I want for my new house!

Oh, to have an ounce of your talent!

Alasdair said...

Love the paintings, it's a style I really like ... simple yet effective.