Will E. Freeze

I needed more Christmas decorations...and not those cheap, personality-lacking, mass-produced jobbies you find at the stores. I wanted something WHOLESOME. Something that, years from now, when I unwrap the tissue paper after it's been in storage for 11 months, makes me smile and brings back memories of happy times. This brings me to the birth of Mr. Will E. Freeze. Born in my kitchen (cuz my studio is just too messy to work in now), Mr. Freeze is entirely one of a kind, made from newspaper, handmade paper pulp, and flour. No molds, no nothing. This bad boy truly is an original. I even knit the little guy a beautiful scarf in glorious 100% wool. I hope he'll be with us for long after I'm gone, so that when my children, and children's children unwrap him from an 11 month hibernation, they'll all feel the warmth and love that was poured into him. My little girl Sapphire already feels the warm fuzzies for Will E.

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Anonymous said...

This snow man is so cute!
Truly be a great christmas talk for many, many years. Love how your little daughter is looking at him side ways on. Bless!

Thank you for your visit to my blog, lovely to hear from you.
Darlene Pringle at Dancing mango blogspot. She has just made some christmas balls out of old style light bulbs. Then tied wire around to hang on the tree.

Have a great weekeand! Thank you again!


Deedra said...

Thanks Julie-Ann!

And I'll have a peek at Darlene Pringle's blog! Thank you!