I'm currently working on an art swap (I love art swaps!) with a very talented artist overseas and she LOVES Alice in Wonderland and has an obsession with  playing cards. While I was walking down to the water yesterday, I stumbled on a plethora of rocks. One of them kind of reminded me of the Queen of Hearts' head. So I picked her up, washed her off and painted away. I think she turned out rather cute. And so today, I'm going to go get more rocks...just cuz it's fun :)

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K.Michele said...

How fun! I think she turned out great! I love her expression!!

Cameron said...


I've been on vacation for 5 weeks....and I come back to a slew of wonderful posts from you! I'm delighted...being the fan of your work, that I am!!

This rock art is amazing....I bet the gallery would love to offer some of these along with your other paintings...such a fun and practical way to display art!

Missed you,