Maybe a messy house isn't so bad after all!

Another day of cleaning, another bag donated to Goodwill. And I discovered that a messy house isn't so bad after all. While I was cleaning today, I found a top I had bought but never wore! I was like a pirate digging for treasure. Does that ever happen in an organized house? I think not! Little surprises around every corner!

I organized my studio. Hung a painting of mine, and organized some little knick knacks. I also hung these great little wall decals. I'm having a lot of fun in this room. I have a LOT more to do, but personalizing has begun! Behold The Foxy Blue Studio!!!

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randa said...

If you come accross some of your old clothes that your wanting to bring to good will, ship them down to Texas... You have awesome style!

My name's Deedra said...

Well, I haven't done MY bedroom, yet, so if I come across anything, it's all yours :)