Moving right along!!

My creation is slowly coming to life. She's going to be a mobile of sorts. I have all sorts of bendy wire and beads and I'm going to have one hanging under the other by twirling the wire and connecting them to each other that way. And then I have a smaller gauge wire that I will decorate with the glass beads, and wrap it around the other wire. Anyhow, I should have this done by tomorrow. Very excited. I think it's going to look really cool in my living room. The mask-like thingy that I showed in a previous post has had a little bit of work done today, too, but not enough to warrant a pic. My little girl Sisi (Sapphire) loves it when I get crafty because she sneaks into my paint case and tries to open them. She throws a fit when I pull her away.

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randa said...

that is going to be totally awesome! I can't wait til you start on my pictures for my new house!!! not for a while of course

My name's Deedra said...

Thanks babe!! I'm excited about them. I may even be able to finish them tonight and have them hung by tomorrow morning! I can't wait to get started on your art!

Colleen said...

wow those are amazing.
not sure if there is special material for the outdoors but I would love something like that in my imaginary garden once i get one started (if i ever get a fence)
you are so creative girl!

My name's Deedra said...

Thanks, Missy! There actually is something you can use to weather-proof papier mache. Linseed oil (flax). It provides a barrier against wetness. It's always good to keep them in a place where it has a little bit of a shelter (like half under a lean-to or something) but it does provide a really great weather-proofing. There's actually been someone who made a boat out of papier mache AND sailed it quite a fair distance. I also seem to remember a house or church being built as well! Cool, huh?