3D painting with polymer clay

I've been feeling a little uninspired lately, and as such, haven't been painting a whole lot. Here is one that I did manage to start...and finish, though.

I made her face and the little round medallion at the bottom right out of polymer clay and then the rest of the texture was made with my usual...drywall compound and fabric paint. She's 5x7 on canvas board and is as of yet unnamed...

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Anonymous said...

I love this creation. I have always wondered about how a doll would look coming out of a canvas. You have made such a strong piece. She looks like she is going to burst out into happy laughter and song!
Thank you so much for your warm comment, I got to hear from you and see this new creation.
Will you be making more?
Maybe you have made them and I have been so bad in visiting you.
Better go and check,lol!

All the best!

Hope you have an amazing week!


Nicola said...

Wow what a cool piece! I love her face coming out of the canvas very clever! It's interesting to hear what materials you use to get that wonderful texture! I go through phases where I have an artisitic block and sometimes it helps to experiment a bit and try something new!!! This is a great way of doing it! I would love to see more of these 3D pieces!!! :0)

Maria Isabel said...

She looks so joyful! I really love her, hopefully you will get your mojo back :) I find inspiration on movies and the net, so browse around :) Also I got something in the mail today that made me squeal qith joy, can you guess what it is?

carylsrealm said...

Fabulous! Totally amazing!

Martina Voigt-Schmid said...

Wow, a 3-dimesional painting! Would be great to have several ones of these, hanging in a row, making faces at each other ;)

Deedra said...

Julie-ann thank you! You didn't miss any. I haven't done any 3D painting in years, so none have shown up on this blog :) Hope you have an amazing week, too!! XO

Nicola and Maria - thank you! I think I'm going to go to the library today and see what kind of inspiration I can come up with!

Carly - Thanks!

Martina - lol...that's a great idea!!!!! I love to do paintings in series...

Lady Arual said...

This is so cool! I love your style...and I totally relate to what you wrote in your "about me" in your profile.