A handmade Easter wreath

I have been wanting a pretty Easter Wreath for my front door, but never found one that I absolutely loved.

While looking at all the lovely arts and crafts that people made for their Let Your Art Guide You weekly submission, I found this great tutorial for a lovely Easter Wreath here. It was easy, cheap, and quite fun to make! Thank you Debbie! It was exactly what I needed!!!

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Debbie said...

Oh you did a great job. Aren't these so fun to make, the possiblitlies are endless however they are so cute and simple why change a good thing. Thanks for stopping by my blog and linking with me. Hope you have a great Easter.

Deedra said...

Thank YOU, Debbie! It was so quick to make. I woke up this morning and made it before my husband and kids woke up! Yay!

Maria Isabel said...

Its so pretty! The Easter Bunny will be thrilled!

Alix said...

How cute!