I know, I know...been slacking!

I haven't been up to much except knitting and taking care of my seedlings for my vegetable garden this summer lol. I haven't been around much, and I'm sorry :(. But I did knit this shopping tote for MYSELF this week! Woo hoo! I never really make things for myself, and I'm happy that I did this time. Kinda fun to reap your own rewards sometimes!! Anyhow...it's huge. This is a really really big shopping tote. I may just be able to donate all of my other shopping bags and just keep this one, because it could hold EVERYTHING...including my kitchen sink!

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Beadwright said...

Nice Very nice


Deedra said...

Thanks Nicole!

Maria Isabel said...

you can knit?!?!?!?! Is there anything you can't do?

Deedra said...

Oh yes...I LOVE to knit :) And I can't really crochet...I know a couple stitches, but it's something I'd REALLY love to learn!

Nicola said...

Wow you really are very clever!!! Nice bag!!! I really love your new header too!!! x

Erica said...

That is one nice bag! You knit that up fast didn't you. I am no where near finishing my hat.