Giveaway Friday!!

Ok, so I`ve been a little under the weather the last couple days. Constantly sneezing and blowing my nose. I thought some pretty, colourful flowers might be the perfect pick-me-up! I visited one of my favourite sites How About Orange for inspiration and found a pretty idea for some stationery (I LOVE stationery!!). This is my version of it, and if you enter the draw and win (by way of random number generator on Monday afternoon), this is what you`ll get! Hope you like them and thanks for visiting!

P.S. I`m an obsessive hand-washer, so the cards are clean ;)


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Amy said...

Yes, they are pretty cheery! I like the button centers. CUTE

Maria Isabel said...

Those are so cute and professional looking! Hope you get better soon!

sidratalmuntaha said...

Are you feeling better yet? :-)

I love them! If I win, are you going to write me something on it? :-D


Deedra said...

Haha! And the winner is...Caelum! Of course I'll include a note!


Send me your address!

sidratalmuntaha said...

Not sure how I can mail you! :-)
My emailaddress is:

sidratalmuntaha said...


Deedra said...

Awesome! I'll email you now!


Виктория Камалова said...

The cards are perfect! I love them.