Skulls on Valentines

So I guess I'm just a twisted, unromantic kind of girl, because of all things, I chose to paint a skull on Valentine's day. Haha!! I kind of make me laugh. Anyhow, this one is an 8x10 acrylic and mixed media piece called 'Live Like you are Dying'.

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Emily Anne Leyland ( Art-n-Sewl) said...

Haha you are twisted. Just kidding. I love it. Very creative!! Girl,you are seriously on a kick. It's so fun to watch!!

Deedra said...

I AM twisted! And proud of it ;) Thanks, Em!

schonwiedersamstag said...

Even though it's different from the other works of yours I have seen so far, I still think it's very much youre style. I love how you put the butterfly next to the skull. I don't think it's twisted, I think they make quiet a pair together :)

Alexz said...

I want this!!!