More art...

Here's what I created in my art studio today...

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Anonymous said...

Well! I wanted to reply on your comment to me about the little studio under the stairs, because it kept popping up in my mind. :-)! Good for you you told him. How did he react? :-) You know, I think it's always very nice to know that someone appreciates your efforts, don't you think?

I'm doing something similar. I've got a little niece, she just turned 7, and she is very clever and looks (inside) so much like me when I was younger. Always being creative, and very careful with things, placing everything that seems a little special on her room to keep and cherish forever :-) But unfortunately, my sister and I had some issue, and now I now longer visit them. So I only see them when they come over here (to visit my mom), but most of the time my sister comes when the children are in school.

So I bought this very cute card today, with a little dear (O I love dears!), and I'm going to write her how much her aunt loves her, and even though I don't see her a lot, I'm always here and always think about her :-)

With love,

Anonymous said...

Lol! Because of all this I totally forgot:
GREAT WORK! Love all those curls :-D, and the colors are wonderful.


Deedra said...

I think that is wonderful of you, Caelum! It is something she will always remember. It's hard when you have a falling out with your sister. My sister and I aren't really talking right now, and it makes me kind of sad. You're so thoughtful and caring, and your little niece will benefit so much from that!!!!!!


Emily Anne Leyland ( Art-n-Sewl) said...

Oh I love it Girl!!! I LOVE that you are on a roll with your art. So happy for ya. AND- I don't know how I missed it until today but yeah- your dream would be the FUNNEST!! I think one of these days we need to make it a reality!! Love ya

Nicola said...

Lovely post Deedra and beautiful painting, I just love the texture in these pieces, they are gorgeous!!

Deedra said...

Emily - so much fun, indeed!! It would be a great reality! Oh the fun we would have!!

Nicola - thank you, dahlin '!

Nikki said...

Oh, I love this one!!! Love that hair! Beautiful work - you're so talented!

Deedra said...

Thank you, Nikki!