The Stars Shine for Her

This 10x30 mixed media and acrylic piece just got more and more colourful as the day went on.

I had so much fun painting her. The text and images in her dress come from an old, old book called 'Five Little Stars in Alaska'. My love of all things vintage rears its head once again!

When I was finished, I realized that she reminded me of my favourite toy when I was eight years old...Raindbow Brite. Hope she makes you smile...

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Emily Anne Leyland ( Art-n-Sewl) said...

LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!! Girl- you are awesome!!! It is so bright and rich and GORGEOUS!! You rock sista!!

Deedra said...

Thanks so much, Em!!

Emily Anne Leyland ( Art-n-Sewl) said...

Hey I have the button code posted now if you want to put it on your blog to show you are participating ;-)

AmyLynn98 said...

I just discovered your blog today and I'm just LOVING your art work! I can't paint to save my life but I appreciate the artform. :) I check out Alez's blog occassionally too and I think you did an amazing job with her wedding portrait. :)

Deedra said...

Em - done and DONE! ;)

Amy - so kind of you to say! Thanks so much for your encouraging words!!

Maria Isabel said...

Awesome! Wow you know how to play with many colors well!

sidratalmuntaha said...

Her hair!!!! :-D. It's sooo great.. Wonderful, and she is so colorful and fun :-).

I had such a horrible day yesterday/today. I went to see my boyfriend, but the train was delayed a lot! So I had to wait and wait in the cold.. Then I went to Amsterdam, but I had so little time left, so I could only visit Lush and The Body Shop. Then we went to his house and I was soo cold! So I wanted to turn the heat up, but the heating system was broken!! :-|. So no hot water, no shower, no heating! It was freezing outside, and it was like 10 degrees celsius inside, so I had a horrible night sleeping in that temperature (almost had no sleep at all)! brrrrrr.. Still cold and feeling kinda sick, but at least I'm now at my home, laying in my nice comfortable bed! :-D.. (and an hour ago they fixed my boyfriends heating system so he has a nice night too I hope!)

I'm not going to enter in your giveaway friday! hehe.. She is really beautiful though. What kind of colouring pencils did you use? :-). I won two prizes this week, can you believe that?? I never won anything in my whole life and now in 1 week 2 prizes.. (one giftset from Lush, and a bottle of champagne from some contest, but I don't even drink, so I gave it away, haha)
So that's why I'm not going to enter. I got really happy when I won, so it would be so nice if someone else wins something too and their chances are greater when I don't enter :-D.

Excuse me for the big story! Now I'm going to sleep in a nice WARM bed.. Hmm..! Good night Deedra :-)

Deedra said...

Well, you might have had a bad day but you're SO LUCKY that you can just pick up and head off to Amsterdam for the day. HOW COOL IS THAT???? That is too awesome. I've never been and I would love to go one day!!!

But being cold is never any fun. I hate being cold...and I live in Winnipeg, Canada. Weird, huh? What's someone who hates being cold doing here? lol

Congrats on winning some things! That's fun. I don't win often, that's FUN!!!

Anyhow, hope you slept better in your own (warm) bed!!