Mini Fairy Curio!

Ok, so it's not yet a fairy curio, but that's what it's GOING to be! My VERY talented and cool new friend Alexzandra (definitely pop by her blog...this girl's got MAD SKILLS!!!) gave me the suggestion. And what a great suggestion it was! I'm really excited to get started on it. She said that I should put some little fairy shoes and gardening tools and stuff on the shelves. Does anyone else have any ideas??? What colour should I paint it? And it should obviously be antiqued, right? Any other thoughts?

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sidratalmuntaha said...

OH I LOVE IT! And I'm getting kinda jealous that you keep finding all those pretty things, hahaha. I'm really curious what you are going to do with it, so I've got no ideas, but please don't forget the fairy dust, it's important! :-p.

By the way, I made a blog, not really so I can add or write much things, but more so I no longer have to be an "anonymous" :-)

With love,

Deedra said...

YES YES YES!!! I'm so excited that you have a blog now! Whether you post or not, I'm just going to keep on leaving comments wherever I can!!! lol

PS - The fairy dust! Of course!


sidratalmuntaha said...

What happened to this? :-D. Or are you still thinking about it?