Bows, bows, and more BOWS!!!

I really want Christmas to be as green as possible. The whole consumer thing bogs me down. Don't get me wrong...I get caught up in it myself, although I do try to make a lot of my gifts and etsy is a good friend of mine these days, but even the whole wrapping of gifts gets under my skin. I can't RECYCLE WRAPPING PAPER? That sucks. Did you know that we go through the equivalent of 50,000 trees JUST for wrapping paper at Christmas time alone each year? That's just so wrong. I'll be doing my best to use recyclable Christmas paper this year, and I found a great tutorial on making bows! You can make them out of any paper you want! I've made quite a few already! I've used magazines, old gift bags, and scrapbook paper that's been sitting untouched for the last year!

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