Frosty the Cupcake!

It's that time of year know the time when you have to make 30 fancy little cupcakes for all the kids in your son's grade two class? Well, I decided this year to make Frosty the Cupcake. I stole the idea from Family Fun with a few modifications. Instead of the thin mints, I used half of a mini Oreo, instead of the pretzel sticks, I used Pringle stix, and instead of the Junior Mint, I used dark chocolate mini Rolos. They were a HIT!! The kids had SO MUCH FUN eating them!

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Anonymous said...

The cakes look fabulous, I wish I was in the class, Mmmm!
The children will loves these.
Thank you so much, to think you would like one of my angel paintings sharing amongst so much love.
The photo at the top of your blog page, you and your family are so beautiful.
My daughter has a friend who has the same colour hair as your daughter, looks so beautiful. Such a rare colour.
Have a great Christmas!



Emily Anne Leyland ( Art-n-Sewl) said...

Thew cupcakes are tooooooo cute!! YOu are so awesome!!

Deedra said...

Julie-Ann - thank you so so much!! I definitely want one of your angel paintings...SO MUCH!!! And yes, my daughter's hair colour makes me smile every day! It's funny - I always assumed I would have all blonde children. Who knew? :)

Em - thank you!! They were fun...and making Caiden feel special was definitely worth it!