I am excited (and nervous) to present 'Elusive', a huge 4x5 ' commissioned painting of a merman that I've been working on for a while. I love to work with lots of texture and colour. I truly hope that the person who commissioned this work enjoys looking at it as much as I've enjoyed painting it!


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Nicola said...

Wow this is GORGEOUS!!! I've done mermaids before but never a merman. I love the scales, the texture is great and that orange really makes it pop!! I'm sure your client will love it!!! This is a great piece!! :0)

Deedra said...

Nicola - thank you SO MUCH!!! I appreciate those words a lot!

I sent the buyer a link to this blog and he loves it! What a relief! I was so worried that he wouldn't like it! And after spending so much time on it, that would have been hard!

I've never done a merman before, either. As a matter of fact, I've never really done anything remotely masculine, and this is by far the biggest piece I've done, so it was a wonderful challenge and lesson for me!! Yay!!!

Mundo Mundaca said...

Thank you for visiting me and for commenting on my work... I also liked a lot everything that I saw here.. especially of the sculpture of the bird with hat.. simply charming.. color and vibrant of the way that I like.
Big Hugs


Emily Anne Leyland ( Art-n-Sewl) said...

Bloody fantastic!! It is amazing Dee!! Well done. Hey- send me your address so I can repost the elusive painting ;-)

Deedra said...

Yasmin - thank you! The birdie has been a part of an art swap! Emily (below) and I exchanged masterpieces ;)

Emily - Thank you! Pretty stoked about it. It was a huge accomplishment. I'm very proud of myself ...life is good!

PS - I resent you my address via FB. Can't wait to get my beautiful art!

Anonymous said...

The texture on your art is mezmerizing! Fabulous! Love the circles and colours.