And along came a Dragon!

Ok, so here's Abraxas. Don't let his scary appearance fool you. He's one of the good guys. He's the guardian of my son's room, and the eater of bad dreams. It's the bad dreams that fill his belly and keep him alive! He takes good care of Rayne and protects him from things that go bump in the night! Surprisingly, this REALLY large dragon took me less than 4 hours. I got really tired so he ended up having less detail than I had initially planned, but I think he's pretty cool, anyway. And all of my murals are done without the use of a projector. All freehand, baby!!

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Emily Anne Leyland ( Art-n-Sewl) said...

Oh my gosh!! Stop it!! You are making me feel bad about myself ;-) No-that is friggin awesome!!!

Heather said...

Love this!!! The room looks amazing!! I found your blog over on Craftster and have added you to my Google Reader - love everything you do! Cheers to my fellow Canadian!

Deedra said...

Em - thanks, hun! And by the way - I'm amazed by YOU all the time!!!

Heather - thanks so much! Your words are very encouraging :)

Anonymous said...

Oh my, how can someone work that fast! You are a super mommy :-D. It's amazingly beautiful!


Deedra said...

Thanks so much, Caelum. You seriously all bring tears to my eyes. You're all so wonderful!!!

Erica said...

Your son's room looks amazing!! He must be thrilled with how it all turned out.