Jelly the Bunny ran out of money...

...and ended up NAKED! Not FUNNY!! Well, she didn't run out of money...she started out naked. That's how we found her at Chapter's. And because of her size (and tail) it was hard for us to find clothes that fit her! Sisi does NOT like her plushies to be nekkid, so I set to work, making up the pattern as I went. I made the sleeveless sweater first, and then the pants with the hole for the tail. Sisi REALLY likes the outfit, and I really like that I taught myself this skill seven whole years ago (thank you, Knitting for Dummies!) to make her things that she loves!

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Maria Isabel said...

I love the top! I would wear one like that any day, bigger of course!

Deedra said...

lol thanks Maria! Mine would be MUCH MUCH bigger!!

Emily Anne Leyland ( Art-n-Sewl) said...

Soooo cute!!!!!