They call her 'Quill'

She's the newest of my creations. She's a little woodland creature.

She's made of papier mache and a few other goodies thrown in for good measure!

She's 6" tall but she's full of heart! She has so much heart that she has some to spare. She says, 'I give you my heart', and means it.

And here's a little sneak peek of her in the creation process :)

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Maria Isabel said...

awww so cute!

Anonymous said...

Aw, isn't she very adorable? It's great to see a work-in-progress picture because I've really been wondering how you did this. What do you use exactly? Because I would love to make a Bullterrier like this, hehehe..
I kinda missed your blog! I've been so busy working but my deadline is sunday so then I'm back free again. But after working over 12 hours a day for the past few days, i just thought I would visit your blog with a nice cold drink and enjoy those wonderful creations ;)

With love,

Deedra said...

Thank you Maria!

Caelum - nice to have you back! Been wondering where you've been! Don't overwork yourself, and if you do, be sure to find some down time :)

Quill is all papier mache (newspaper strips and homemade paper pulp) and then I added spackle on the hat and the dress. First time I've done that on papier mache!

Deedra said...

BTW - 0f course you're entered in the draw! Just make sure that you keep checking in so that I can get your email address and mailing address if you win!!