If looks could kill...

My sister's birthday party is this Sunday (hopefully she won't be reading my blog before then! lol) so I decided to make her a papier mache dress in a shadow box. I've always loved shadow boxes. You see, I love art to hang on my wall, but more than that, I love art that is three dimensional. I love being able to reach out and touch the contours of things. As I've mentioned before, I'm a really tactile person. So, anyhow, this is what I came up with! I hope she likes it!

While I was creating this dress for my sister, Sisi was at her desk, finger painting up some magic of her own!

With a little bit of tempra paint, some craft paper, and a little imagination...

...masterpieces are born!

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Nicola said...

Wow this is so cute!!! What a cool idea!! And I love Sisi's painting too, so good that she can do some art while you are being creative! I'm sure that your sister will love her present!! Nice work!

Anonymous said...

It's a wonderful present :-), very cool! I've got some of those shadowboxes too! still not sure what to do with them :-)

I love Sisi's painting, but the thing I love the most of this post are those cute little fingers covered in paint.. Aww.. But hey, you made those too ;-)!! Haha


Deedra said...

Aren't they the most wonderful little fingers? By far, one of my three finest creations!!! Thank you, girls :)

So Caelum...whatcha gonna do with that shadow box?

Anonymous said...

Well, I thought about painting it and make little polymer figurines and give them a world of their own. I also thought about paper-cutting-work, in a 3d kind of way, just simple and plain.. I also thought about making some kind of memorybox, with little crocheted clothes and maybe a handmade babydoll..I also thought about quilling, i've got a lot of those little papers.. But hey, I can combine all those things and come up with some kind of fantasy world. Or I can just let this shadowbox rest for a while, until he screams want he wants me to do ;)!!


Deedra said...

Oh a combination of all would be SO MUCH FUN, Caelum!!! Please let me see it when you're done?