My art room...ORGANIZED!!!

Nine hours. Nine whole hours to clean and organize this room! I purged SO MUCH and it feels so dang good! This cube shelf is my room divider. It keeps me in touch with those in the living room, while hiding the mess that I'm prone to making!

My painting and papier mache station (you can tell by the paint and flour spattered table!)

This is Sisi's corner. She can be with me and get creative with her crayons (in the purple tub on her table) and her play doh (in the brown container on the shelf). She also has her puzzles and toys to play with. Oh - and notice my knitting basket beside the table :)

My pretty chandelier. I thought I would just add this for ambience. It always makes me smile, and things that make me smile inspire me!

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Nicola said...

YUP! It's official I'm JEALOUS!!!! :0) Wow this looks great and what a great idea having an area for your little one my boys love art and craft too. You should be very proud those 9 hours were worth it! :0)

Deedra said...

Thanks! But WHEW!! Was that a lot of work! Let's see how inspired I can get!!

Daniel said...

Looking fabulous!!

Deedra said...

Thanks 'Daniel' ;)

Lorri said...

I love your art room! Well done :)

Jasmine said...

Such a lovely idea to inclusde a space for your daughter in your studio. My daughter loves trying every bit of art that I try out. I ought her a lot of crafty goodies today as she has discovered the joys of collage. So pleased the magic carpet rought me here. i hope you enjoy visiting me :)

Anonymous said...

Oh i love it! Especially the lamp (I'm sorry, the English word is so hard ;-p). I always surround my self with great things too, and yeah you are right, they really are an inspiration, because good feelings are the best to work with!

Great that your babygirl sits there with you and is crafty on her own :-). You know, I had a corner like your little one when I was her age, and I still remember it. It has a special place in my heart, that my mom always made me a corner of my own :-).

Lovely artroom :-)

With love,

Deedra said...

Caelum, that is really great to hear! I hope that my little girl remembers her special place forevert, too. When I was little, we had this little cubby unter the stairs, and my dad turned it into my art room. It was all mine. And being that there were four of us kids at the time, that was really special to me, because it told me that my dad believed in my talents so much that he chose me to have that special place of my own above all others!

Andréann said...

Now I'm jealous!