Sisi's room

My friend down the road from me gave me this beautiful little wooden desk, handmade by her father-in-law for her son when he was little. It was a little worse-for-wear with scribbles and paint, and unfinished paint job, but I was ready for the task!!

With a little bit of semi-gloss paint, some cool, retro-style scrapbook paper, some ribbon, some mod podge, and rhinestones, I personalized it for my little lady! I also found a little knob at Michael's that matched the ribbon that I used at the top of the desk!

I found this little shelf with a drawer and hooks at Goodwill and thought it would be perfect for her dress-up clothes! I think this little girl may have tutu many of them...cuz this isn't even all of them!

And here's the wall where the pretty little desk sits. I matched the seat of the desk to the little heart hinged door on the shelf above! And notice the little cameos on the wall? The artwork on the right of the shelf was her first acrylic painting! And my step-mom found those adorable little decorative dresses that hang to the left!

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Emily Anne Leyland ( Art-n-Sewl) said...

Oh my gosh ADORABLE!!!!

darlene said...

Is that the same desk?? I knew it was given to the right person.

Deedra said...

Thanks Em!!

Dar - same desk!! I just love it so much! Thank you so much for giving it to us. It's so perfect!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Very adorable and a great great room :) And wow, such cute dresses ;). Interesting color for the walls, that kind of green, never saw it on a wall, but it looks very nice with pink and gives it all a fairytale-like look. :D