Happy New Year!!

To make NYE in our backyard super pretty, I set about making ice luminaries! I had seen them long ago somewhere that I can't remember and have wanted to make them since. Of course, NYE was the perfect time! All you do is find some bigger and some small containers that will hold water. Place the smaller container in the centre of the larger container and weigh it down with rocks or sand. Sometimes you have to tape the top down for it not to float around. It has to be level. Then, pour water around the small container (not in it) to form what will be the hole for the candle once it's frozen. I then placed all sorts of fun things inside to make them pretty. Some were filled with lemon slices, others with curly ribbon and candy canes and glitter, some with pine. I just used my imagination and had fun with it. Once they had frozen, simply remove the rocks or sand from the centre container and fill it with hot water. It will then dislodge itself and pull out easily. Then, pour water over the base of the big container for it to loosen and pop out! et voila! An ice luminary! Place tea lights, set afire, and let the magic begin!
So, once the luminaries were lit, the lights strung, the fire pit blazing, the skating rink flooded, and the igloo built, the festivities began! We had our friends and neighbours from across the street come over with their daughter and had some fun!

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Nicola said...

Oh wow these are great!! I love seeing photos of the snow, your New Years was quite different to ours, we sat outside but in our shorts and t-shirts!!!! Happy New Year!

Deedra said...

Thanks, Nicola! I wonder what it would be like celebrating NYE down there? I would love to do it one day :)

Emily Anne Leyland ( Art-n-Sewl) said...

Those are sooooooo awesome. Love them!!