I found this great little craft on what I thought was How About Orange, but when I went to look for it today to provide a link, I couldn't find it! But anyhow, I'm sure it's there somewhere if you want to look! It's well worth scouring because that blog is DA BOMB!! So cool. It's a crafter's wonderland! So, anyhow, these are two little cameos that I made for Sapphire's room. It was really quite easy to do. You take a profile pic of your subject, and a full body, print it out, cut around it, trace the cutout onto black paper, glue it onto some pretty scrapbook paper, and
stick it in some cute frames!

I found some cute old frames at the Sally Anne today and just decided that a fresh coat of white paint would match her room perfectly!
Here are the pictures of choice!


Full body

Et Voila! Some cute little cameos to hang in my little darlin's room!

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Maria Isabel said...

Those are great, I had seen a tutorial before but I can't remember very well where :S Im sure it was on the Crafty Crow but where they got it from Im not sure. Ive had a project like that in mind for a while now, but I can't seem to find cheap frames anywhere!

Deedra said...

Do you not have any thrift stores nearby? It's fun hunting for them there!

Tasha said...

I love it woman!!